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"Dissolution of Form"

An artistic project for the lobby hall of Riessner Gase GmbH (municipal gas works)
This project attempts to interpret physical states, such as solid, liquid and gaseous
in artistic terms. The central object consists of steel ropes which are installed between
floor and ceiling at varying angles that pierce crystal balls which appear to have been
placed randomly. For the viewer this creates the impression of a continuously
changing structure which gives the impression of movement while moving around.
The wall object represents a stylized wave movement, a solid form which gives the
impression of moving that finally culminates in its own dissolution.


"Space Sail", "Floating Leaves" and "Nautilus"

These three objects represent the company’s corporate philosophy:
Technical Precision and Development, Creativity and Invention, Stability and Flexibility.

These objects were installed in two areas of “air space” and around the lobby hall. 
The Space Sail and the Floating Leaves are placed in such a way as to be visible from
various levels of the three-story building as freely moving, three-dimensional objects. 
This creates a suspenseful, ongoing tension between horizontal spatial effects as
well as the vertically placed objects thus presenting visitors and employees alike with
changing perspectives and endlessly surprising combinations


"Fliegende Blätter"



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